• You Can Only Get Better.

    Melody L. Schoenfeld, MA, CSCS, brings over 20 years of training and massage therapy experience to the Southern California area. Train smart. Train right. Have fun. You can only get better. Read More
  • Flawless Fitness - The Gym

    Flawless Fitness' studio space is not what you might expect a personal training gym to look like.  There are no cardio machines, strength machines or, really, machines of any kind.  The only machines there, as a matter of fact, are the people who come in and train-- you are your own machine, and your body was made to move its own way. 

    This is not about what's trendy.  This is about what works. 

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  • Group Training

    Group Training classes are a vigorous mix of different kinds of training methodologies designed to give you the most burn for your buck. Classes are 30 minutes and will have your heart pounding, your muscles burning, and your body more toned and fit. Group Training is a fun and extremely affordable way to supplement your current workout. Come join us! 

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John W's testimonial

Melody is awesome.  Nice facility - clean and well lit.  Plenty of parking.  I attend group lessons.  Melody is indeed the "angel of pain." Intense 30 minute workouts are convenient and effective.  She pays detailed attention to technique and form.  Also effective advice on changing my eating habits.  Not dieting, but fundamentally making better food choices in a (hopefully) sustainable manner.  Great music, sense of humor, and the other clients are all supportive and friendly.

Every January, my New Year's resolution is to lose 10-15lbs.  Thanks to Melody, I've already lost about 10lbs less than three months, and my goal in 2015 is to maintain my current weight.