• You Can Only Get Better.

    Melody L. Schoenfeld, MA, CSCS, brings over 20 years of training and massage therapy experience to the Southern California area. Train smart. Train right. Have fun. You can only get better. Read More
  • Flawless Fitness - The Gym

    Flawless Fitness' studio space is not what you might expect a personal training gym to look like.  There are no cardio machines, strength machines or, really, machines of any kind.  The only machines there, as a matter of fact, are the people who come in and train-- you are your own machine, and your body was made to move its own way. 

    This is not about what's trendy.  This is about what works. 

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  • Group Training

    Group Training classes are a vigorous mix of different kinds of training methodologies designed to give you the most burn for your buck. Classes are 30 minutes and will have your heart pounding, your muscles burning, and your body more toned and fit. Group Training is a fun and extremely affordable way to supplement your current workout. Come join us! 

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Stefanie C's Testimonial

The fact that Melody lives in California, and I live in Northern Virginia and SHE is the one I turn to for customized fitness training and nutritional advice should speak volumes, people.

I am one of those people who hates working out. Haaaates. She knows that I prefer exercising through trickery.

I'm also impatient, and I want to see results immediately (even though I didn't gain the wight and get out of shape immediately).

She's very good about checking up on you and answering any and all questions you have. She isn't content to do the same-old, same-old either. She goes and gets certified in things to make herself a better trainer for each person she works with.

Melody will kick your booty, but you'll thank her because she actually cares about what you're doing and how you're doing.

You tell her what things you hate, and she'll try to give you options that will give you the same results but that are fun to do. She's a ball of energy and I know if I am patient and follow her advice and instructions, I will have a healthier, stronger body.

But I have to keep at it, and be honest with myself and with her about my workout and eating habits. Food stuff, I can handle (but you'd be surprised at things I thought I was doing well nutrition wise that I wasn't)...she'll send you recepies if you want them.

She can do a lot for you. A LOT. But I have to do a lot of the work myself. (And if you go to her, she will make you work.)She's almost magical...but not entirely.
Go see Melody. See what she's about. She'll change your life for the good.