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I had three requirements when I was searching for a personal trainer in the Los Angeles area. 1) Get my ass ready for police agility exams and the police academy, 2) work with my post-surgery needs, and 3) not be one of these actor/models with a fitness gig on the side. I needed a serious fitness trainer who’s more concerned about my fitness needs rather than making it to auditions on time. Melody is all this and more!

I go for a half-hour three times a week and it’s a GREAT workout! Melody is not about working you until you puke, she’s about working with your own personal goals and at your own pace.

Since starting my workouts in February with Melody, I’ve lost 25 lbs, drop 6 inches around my waist, and most importantly, I have successfully passed every police agility test I’ve been invited to take. Thanks Melody! You ROCK!!!

-Dave M.

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