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My uncensored testimonial about the awesomeness of Melody Schoenfeld: I went to 2 (TWO) yoga classes yesterday. The first one was supposed to be a yoga for beginners class…and by “beginner” they meant “people who have been practicing for 10 years and have no bones.”

My first thought was, “Shitballs! Back spasm!!! Back spasm!!!” and “assclown” (that was directed at whoever said the class was for beginners)…I made it through the entire 1 hour, steamy, class…clumsy, lacking style and grace, but I made it…because of the work you do with Meegan and I. I felt strong and capable of holding planks, deep stretches, and weird poses knowing that my body is stronger now. I may still have a glorious Buddha belly and other pockets of chub love (which will fade in time) but what’s amazing are all of the changes you’re helping my body make on the inside! I feel amazing and powerful and not intimidated to take classes that I was too embarrassed to step into before because my body inevitably hurt (i.e. excruciating back spasms) and it reinforced a negative message I told myself that i just couldn’t do certain things because I’m fat. No more! I had joy in my heart and a smile on my face as I saluted the sun in my stylish and interpretive-danceish variation of the poses. Thank you Melody. (the 2nd class was restorative yoga and that was just straight-up yum). Boom.

Emely O.

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