Mary Lou A.’s

I don’t normally tell people my age, but I’m 46.  I’ve have several personal trainers, and have like them (otherwise I wouldn’t have stuck with them).  I don’t take a pill to alleviate what can be corrected through holistic means.  Too many side effects out there.  I like clean panties.

A friend of mine introduced me to Melody.  

I cannot give enough PRAISE to her style and technique!  If you LOVE yourself, and you REALLY want to see LASTING results call and train with Melody.  OH, AND BTW:  If you like to break up your day the FUN MELODY WAY……..I’m in her 12 noon to 1 PM  BOOT CAMP M/W/F!!!   Working out is FUN, and the small group of us Hard Core Booters know it!!!  

Don’t think UGH, BOOT CAMP……’ve GOT to SEE it to BELIEVE it.  Every day is a different routine.  You gotta mix it up in order to see FAST results.  

What are you WAITING for?  Call and Join Now!!!!  I promise I won’t scare you away!  

Mary Lou

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