Omar L’s

Just do your self a favor and give Mel a call – try out one of her group sessions and you’ll go back for more.

You’ll laugh a little when you see this little woman with hair down to her waist…then she’ll laugh at you as you struggle and moan 10 minutes into your workout. Melody will work hard for you and give you useful everyday advice – but in return you have to work hard for yourself or she’ll call you out on it.  Mel is not one of those big box gym fly by night trainers that puts everyone through the same workout with different weights. She takes your health and her profession serious; expect diverse customized sessions that will involve anything from push-ups and squats (both of which she loves) to ropes and sledge hammers. She gives great advice on food too and can help you make practical changes to improve your diet.

Oh, and if you pick-up a kettlebell with poor form…you’ll be doing push-ups.

-Omar L.

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