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I hope she never retires. Period.

Meeting with Melody is the highlight of my week. I’ve worked with two personal trainers before and my experience with Melody is completely different and better in every way. She completely embodies what she teaches is and is beyond knowledgeable. Not only does she know everything about everything, but she is always enthusiastic and willing to impart this information to her clients.

She has extensive experience working with all levels of fitness and challenges you like no other. One of the best things is there is consistent variety – you rarely do the same thing twice and are always evolving and switching it up. If your back begins to tweak during a certain exercise, Melody has the remedy! And her always being to help you with nutrition and exercise outside of the studio is so valuable. She dedicates a lot of time to her clients… which not only makes for a very loyal client base but produces great change in each and every person.

I simply cannot recommend Melody highly enough. I was definitely struggling to do even the most basic of exercises at the beginning and she was able to help me move forward each and every week. Of course, I’m still awkward (one of the things Melody says: “Okay, there was nothing NOT awkward about what you just did.”) but I’m working on it!

Anyway, A+ for Melody and Flawless Fitness. You will not be disappointed if you contact her but be forewarned: you’ll be instantly hooked and will have made a many year long commitment.

-Matthew G.

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