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I got a massage from Melody and was shocked at the power and innate gift she has for zoning in on problem areas and resolving them.  I have an old whiplash injury that causes me chronic problems of pain, discomfort, trouble sleeping, finding the “right” position, compounded by stress. If really bad, I can end up with headaches.  This affects me primarily in between my shoulder blades up through my neck.   Within 2-3 minutes she had focused in on pressure points I didn’t know existed on parts of the body I didn’t know could be related to the primary area, and I’m a nurse, and acupuncture student, and formerly was a physical therapy aid.  

Frankly- I usually can’t get enough pressure out of massage therapist, big burly men, women, anyone!   Melody is shockingly powerful and really knows her stuff!   She’s absolutely phenomenal, and nearly made me cry, it was incredibly therapeutic, she’s awesome!  

If you’re not the kind of person who  likes massages because you’re not comfortable with the idea of people touching you, Melody is extremely comfortable to be around.  If you are someone who can’t ever get enough of a hard core massage due to weak massage therapists, or if you have acute or chronic injuries or musculo-skeletal problems-  Melody is absolutely the one for you.  

Stop being in pain- life is too short, go see Melody!

-Shari H.

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