Kevin C’s

“Ouch My Arms!!!!!” This was what I drafted shortly after my first workout with Melody.

She is a master of the kettle bells for one thing and just super knowledgeable yet humble too. When I questioned a small detail of one of her statements she didn’t “know it all” me  like many other trainers out there but rather said she would check on it. Later I sheepishly had to admit after doing my own research that she was right, therefore requiring me to do push-ups she said jokingly.

How can so much strength, brilliance, wit, and care come from such a small package??? 5 foot tall and could totally kick my ass.  As I swing the kettle bells, ” come on Kevin stand up taller, see I knew you could do it….even taller than me.”

Old style strongman techniques are her specialty but having knowledge of functional movement and so many other modern techniques makes her a triple threat.  

Funny I am posting this on the very day I get ROTD for my Equinox review. Melody is the solution and exact opposite to a high priced very spa like equinox experience (I’m not saying equinox is bad just totally different). She is the raw experience you look for in a boxing gym or in the park and trust me she will make you stronger!!!!!

A medley of seriousness, kindheartedness and control. Melody truly is Flawless!!!!

 Kevin Cressey, D.C.

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